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I believe in the incredible power within each person—the power to overcome challenges, embrace change, and cultivate a life that aligns with their deepest values and aspirations. The opportunity to work with individuals in need is not taken lightly, as it signifies a profound trust and openness on your part to explore the uncharted territories of your life. I am honored and privileged to have played a part in their journey.

You’ve given me and my teenage daughter so much hope after one meeting that I wish we had met you years ago. You have had a profound impact on us and literally helped save my daughter’s life for she was in a very dark place suffering with depression and dealing with the suicide of a classmate. She feels like life is worth living again after her visit with you. She had given up on God and religion and you provided her with the hope she needed of a Higher Power. She told me that you have helped her more in 1 hour than almost 6 months of therapy. You have an amazing gift. I continue to enjoy the wonderful music that you gave us. You have truly touched our lives and inspired us with healing and love through a very difficult time.                                                                                                         Sharon B., Twin Cities

I’d been seeing a wonderful counselor since my divorce and what I saw as the collapse of my family and my dreams. I’d be okay for a time and then go back to that feeling of helplessness and despair. My medical doctor and even family suggested medication. Then, on a return visit, my counselor smiled. “I think you’d do well to see Steven. He’s different…but I think you’ll like him.” I called and made an appointment. I told him over the phone that I was tired of explaining my life story and talking about my troubles. When I sat down in his office, Steven told me we’d just sit quietly.  He got to the heart of the matter immediately. He opened my mind and heart to the healing that was possible, the beauty inside me and the excitement in the life ahead of me.  

I am so thankful I made that call and that visit!  I know my journey will never end!

Kathy F., Wausau

When I first met Steven, he made me feel that he cared, he does! I looked to others for love and could never find it. Steven taught me to look for love within, to love myself. I’m much happier in life by learning who I am rather than looking to others for answers. Steven, thank you for giving a life back to a person who felt dead. I now feel at peace, and I LOVE ME! Thank you, Steven, for my new outlook on life. 

Ray T., Wausau

Steven has been a gift from God in my life. When I first met Steven, I was in a very dark and painful place. I was filled with fear and doubt. Through his compassion and non-judgment, he has helped me accept my past and has taught me to love and forgive myself. He truly loves and wants to help people; you can feel that as you sit with him and listen to his words of wisdom. He is a rarity in our world today. It is my hope that many others will allow Steven to show them the path to their own inner wisdom, peace, and love.

Andrew R., Wausau

I am so appreciative that God put Steven Korzinek into my life.  I was truly at my ropes end, living in fear of the past, present and future. In fact, at the time of meeting Steven, I was living at the women’s shelter for battered and abused women.  Steven not only felt my pain, but he was able to also see what was hidden deep within me, which was my own strength and faith in God.  He helped me bring my own strength to the forefront. With Steven’s mentoring, I have not only survived, but have thrived. Spirit has used Steven to help me, and to mentor me into tapping into my own inner strength. To unify my heart into the mind of God which is LOVE.  This may sound easy, but when one has been taught for 55 years that God is unforgiving and nasty, one believes it.  Steven has enabled me to feel unity with peace and joy.  He has been the catalyst for my healing, allowing Spirit to make me strong and to feel whole, not alone. With all my heart I recommend Steven to anyone who is a seeker of peace, wholeness, love, and forgiveness. We cannot change another’s attitude toward us, but we all can change our attitude towards them.  Changing our attitude about ourselves and others will enable us to get on with our business of living life with greater compassion and love, for which we truly all seek. 

Faye K., Jefferson

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